Patient of 63 years old was diagnosed with Parkinson‟s disease with associated dementia and severe depression in 2009. He takes a wide range of medications but his symptoms are poorly managed. He has been to physiotherapy, acupuncture, speech therapy, a neurologist and seen a clinical psychologist. The patient was referred to partake in NeuroPhysics Therapy by his acupuncturist. Before beginning NeuroPhysics Therapy, the patient‟s speech, posture, balance, gait and activities of daily living were affected significantly. He experienced tremor and increased rigidity throughout the day. He has experienced a number of falls and has received a minor head injury following his latest fall. His dexterity in his fingers was poor and he struggled with buttons, belts and shoelaces. He was in constant pain in his neck, shoulders and lower back. His cognitive functions such as short-term memory, concentration and ability to plan effectively were also affected.

Within 4-days of NPT however, the patient was able to self-correct his posture, regulate his emotions and modulate pain during mild controlled demands. His walking improved and his tremor subsided significantly. The patient‟s speech improved and he reported that his thoughts were clearer and his concentration had improved. Over a course of 8 weeks, the patient learned to achieve these same reductions in symptoms through self-practice of his NPT exercises. This presentation will include videos of the patient both before and after the 4-day treatment. The NPT protocol used and the rationales unique to NeuroPhysics Therapy, which promotes systematic selforganization will be outlined.

Key Words

Parkinson‟s Disease, Self-Organization, NeuroPhysics Therapy